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Couples Therapy

Provide support and psycho-education for guardians, caregivers and respite families.

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Continuity of Care

Provide advocacy with teachers, social workers, probation officers, case workers, and/or physicians,

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Family Therapy

Provide therapy for the families of children, young adults and adults that may include consultation

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Individual Therapy

Provide therapy for children, young adults and adults that may include consultation onsite in our cl

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Setting Up Young Black Men to Succeed

In 1909, Harvard-trained historian and civil rights activist 

MA Psych Grads Fill Void in Skyway

In south Seattle lies Skyway, a community where a third of the househo


D.A.D.S. Awards Matumaini Counseling

James Norris, Matumaini Counseling founder, was recognized by D.A.D.S

The staff of Matumaini Counseling & Community Center has been successful in providing mental health counseling to youth and their families.

Matumaini Counseling & Community Center is designed to enable clients and their families to progress from the grip of the past so they can move forward with hope for a fruitful future. ”

Matumaini Counseling provides in-depth, “wrap-around” mental health counseling with clients and those who care about them.